Reports of a telephone-cold calling scam have left residents wary of bogus firms.

Residents in London Road, Newlands Avenue and Glenthorn Road in Bexhill received calls from a bogus security company, claiming to either be working on behalf of the police, or promising that a free house alarm can be fitted.

When the homeowners have questioned the so-called offers, the caller hangs up.

It is not thought any offences were committed but police are warning people to be on their guard.

Bexhill neighbourhood policing team inspector James Scott said: "Our advice is to never let anyone into your home who you do not know or who you have not arranged to come around.

"Don't feel pressured into letting this sort of person in to your house or carry out work you are not fully happy with."

Anyone who wants to report suspicious activity can contact police at any time by email or call 101.

If the caller is present, police advise those concerned to dial 999.