Sussex Police’s Police and Crime Commissioner thanked the force for their work at this year’s “special” Pride.

Katy Bourne, attending her second Pride, chaperoned a colleague from Surrey around the festival and said this year’s event was particularly enjoyable.

She said: “The good humoured crowds appeared to be bigger than ever but the atmosphere remained carnival-like and I was delighted.

“Pride this year was particularly special given that gay couples are now allowed to marry. Something that the rest of us often take for granted.

“Getting the right balance in policing an event like this is crucial. Officers were there to uphold the law and keep people safe and I witnessed them being professional, good humoured and friendly, despite many of them working incredibly long shifts.

“I’m looking forward to speaking to the Pride organisers in order to find out how some of the changes they implemented impacted on the local community, particularly, the ticketing of the Pride Village Party in St James Street.”