CHILDREN should be aware of the dangers of a hot hob if they are helping out in the kitchen this summer.

The warning comes from Dorset Fire and Rescue Service which is asking parents and carers to make any kitchen activities a chance for youngsters to learn this summer.

The brigade’s Prevention Manger Kate Underhill said: “From bake-offs to barbecues, there are lots of creative ways to teach children about cooking fire safety this summer.

“And, it’s absolutely vital that they know what to do if the worst should happen.

“Alongside the melting, mixing and making, why not take the chance to pass on your fire safety knowhow? Test your smoke alarm as part of the activity. And remember, never leave a child alone with a hot hob, and help keep them safe by moving matches and saucepan handles out of their reach.”

And the youngsters don’t have to be in the kitchen to change the way you work in the summer – distraction while cooking is a main cause of fire call-outs right across the country. Kate Underhill said: “Half of all accidental fires in the home start in the kitchen – often because of distractions like phone calls or family. So whatever happens elsewhere in the house, always make sure you have one eye on the hob or oven.”

The Fire Kills campaign’s top tips for staying safe in the kitchen this summer are: