A bulldog took a bus in to town on his own - but it was no ruff ride.

It might sound like a tall tail, but the mystery mutt did not paws before boarding the number 22 bus in Elm Grove .

Passengers initially assumed the dog was with his owner - until it turned out he was unattended - and had not even paid his fare.

Despite his gruff face, the poor pooch was happy and calm, put on a brave face and did not even get the collie wobbles.

In a scene reminiscent of the hit children's TV series the Littlest Hobo, the homeless hound travelled as far as Churchill Square, on his mastif adventure.

When they arrived at the Imperial Arcade bus stop in Dyke Road, driver Steve Weir kept man's best friend company for more than an hour.

It took a rott-weil-er of waiting but he has now been taken to a pound until his owners can be traced.

The collarless canine still cannot be identified as he did not have a microchip. And The Argus is now begging for his owners retriever him.

Fellow passenger Sandra Middleton said: “When we got to the junction at Elm Grove, a Bulldog got on the bus. As a few people got on at that bus stop, everyone thought he was with someone that had got on at the same stop.

“When we arrived at the next stop the driver asked who the dog belonged to it was then that we all realised that the dog had got on- on his own.”

A spokeswoman for Brighton and Hove Bus Company said: “The bus was taken out of service at Imperial Arcade and all the passengers had to be taken off. The driver stayed with the dog for more than an hour while the warden was called.

“Steve said he was a lovely dog and wanted to thank all the passengers for their help in holding on to him as he wasn't wearing a collar.”

Brighton and Hove City Council dog warden Izzie Blanden collected him from Imperial Arcade and took him be checked out at New Priory vets in Patcham where he was found to be in perfect health - he has now been taken to a pound until his owner can be traced.

She described him as a “gorgeous red and white bulldog” and said he was “very calm” despite his adventure.

Do you know who the bulldog belongs to? Call The Argus on 01273 544519.