Students at Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS) are among the happiest with their course in the country, new research shows.

A total of 96% of its students told the latest annual National Student Survey (NSS) they were satisfied overall with the quality of their degree, up one percentage point on last year. Overall satisfaction dropped slightly from last year for the University of Brighton, from 86% to 82%. The University of Sussex is at 85%, down from 89% last year. City College of Brighton and Hove is at 79%, up from 77%. Overall across the country, 86% of students said they were satisfied with their courses - the highest percentage for 10 years.

The poll questioned around 321,000 final-year students at 156 universities, 166 colleges and three private institutions about every aspect of their university experience, including teaching, assessment, support and organisation.

Around 7% said they were dissatisfied, and a further 7% said they were neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, with their courses.

BSMS admits about 125 students each year to its Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery course.

Chichester College saw the biggest increase in the county, scoring 91% compared to 70 per% last year.

South Downs College saw the sharpest drop in the county, scoring 63% compared to 79% last year.