A mother who was impressed by a trip to the circus will take centre stage at the same show – a year after her first visit.

Lisa Sampson, 34, from Upper Beeding, admits she could not even touch her toes two years ago.

But tomorrow night the mother-of-three will perform a three-minute hula-hoop act in front of a packed audience at the Circus Wonderland show in Shoreham.

Miss Sampson, who had no previous performing experience, will hula with up to 50 rings spinning around different parts of her body.

She said: “I met the organisers last year and told them I did hula-hooping and really enjoyed the show.

“We stayed in contact and they later asked if I wanted to perform this year. I thought it was a wind-up, I was so shocked.

“I will have about 50 hoops and will have a trick where I have two spinning on my feet, two on my hands and one on my knees.”

Miss Sampson started hula-hooping two years ago after taking her children to a circus workshop and used her back garden for practice space.

Britain’s Got Talent She said: “I nicked my daughter’s hoops and began teaching myself at home.

“Now lots of my friends keep telling me I should go on Britain’s Got Talent or something like that, which is really funny.

“I don’t have a background in gymnastics or anything like that and couldn’t even touch my toes two years ago.

“But now I am obsessed with hula-hooping and really looking forward to tomorrow night.”

Miss Sampson is now practising a trick that will see her hula-hoop while doing a handstand – but she admits it needs “a bit more practice” before she unleashes it on tomorrow night’s circus audience at Adur Recreation Ground.

She said: “I’m really excited but obviously nervous as well. Hopefully I have all my friends and family coming to cheer me on.

“I could never have imagined I would be there performing in the circus after visiting with my kids last year.”

For more information about the circus, visit www.circuswonderland.co.uk.