A man who beat up someone for urinating in his garden, leaving them with a brain bleed, has been jailed.

Tony Cocks, 35, an engineer, of Windward Close, Littlehampton caught the man in the act on April 4 shortly before midnight when he came out of his home.

He chased him down the road and into Armada Way, where he viciously punched and kicked the victim for about seven minutes, according to police.

He then left the scene, leaving the man covered in blood.

Mr Cocks beat the man, now 55, so badly he was taken to Hurstwood Park with a bleed on his brain.

Mr Cocks appeared at Chichester Crown Court yesterday after pleading guilty to GBH.

He was sentenced to five years and four months for the attack.

The victim was in hospital for three weeks after the attack and had an operation.

He has now made a full recovery.

Detective Constable Jamie Carruthers said: "Cocks found the victim urinating in his garden, however this does not excuse the actions which he took.

"Cocks pleaded guilty to the offence at the earliest opportunity but has been sentenced to five years and four months in prison for this attack."