A young woman fears her drink was spiked after waking up with a broken collarbone, black eyes, a bloody nose and no memory of what happened.

Tasmin Adcock, 21, is warning other party-goers to be careful after the incident on Saturday night which has left her feeling too scared to go out.

She went to TJ’s Nightclub in Eastbourne with her best friend who shared her drink and who said that he also suffered blackouts and dizziness.

Miss Adcock, who lives with her mother in Wheelwright Close, Eastbourne, said: “I remember going to the toilet and talking to a girl there.

“Then I remember waking up in my friend’s bed, putting my hand to my face and there being blood, and I just burst into tears.”

She added: “I feel unsafe. This is the town I call home. I don’t even like going out during the day now.”

The pair said they remembered drinking about three vodkas mixed with Red Bull, leaving them at one point on a speaker as they danced next to it.

Her friend, Jake Hogben, from Old Town, Eastbourne, said that at one point Miss Adcock fell down and could not get up so he carried her to a taxi which took them to his house. The next thing he knew she waspassed out on the stairs. Mr Hogben, 21, said: “I remember horrible points of the night which will probably haunt me for quite a long time.”

The pair did not wake up until about 4.30pm that day, when Miss Adcock went straight to hospital.

Miss Adcock said she does not blame the nightclub but wanted people to be careful.

She said: “Bottles are definitely safer and don’t share drinks. If [Jake] had not had a bit of my drink then he would be able to remember and he might have been able to help me.”

Her mother, Anisha Akchich, said she felt helpless, adding: “I cannot even hug her.”

Police confirmed they were investigating a report that a woman’s drink was spiked.

Darren Myall, manager of TJs Nightclub, said he hoped Miss Adcock recovered quickly.

He added: “At TJs, we work tirelessly to ensure that all of our customers can enjoy themselves in a safe and friendly environment. I believe we have one of the strictest admission policies and have a top security team operating a strict set of protocols to try to prevent this kind of situation arising.

“I am a member of the steering group of the Eastbourne Business Crime Reduction Partnership and chairman of the Eastbourne Pubwatch Group and the protection of vulnerable persons has been a top priority for some time.

“As soon as I was made aware of this situation I contacted the family and the local police to offer my help in any way possible. I was advised by the police that no allegation or investigation regarding any form of assault had been made or was being carried out and that at this time no crime had been recorded regarding a spiking.”