A dog fell off a cliff and was trapped for over 26 hours. 

The Labradoodle called Pepper slipped over the cliffs on Wednesday afternoon just before 3pm and was left stuck at the foor of a cliff.

Her owners called the police and a full rescue operation was launched by the Hastings Coastguard Rescue team at the cliffs at Ecclesbourne Glen near Hastings.

Pepper was trapped on a narrow ridge and the Hastings team spent the next four hours trying to persuade the canine to come close enough to them to be rescued.

She efused and the Hastings team were then joined by the Rye Coastguard Rescue team who approached for the other side with dog treats and meat snacks.

When total darkness fell the team had no choice but to call off the rescue at 11pm on Wednesday night.

The teams returned to the scene on Thursday morning and finally managed to coax the Labradoodle to safety so she could be properly rescued. 

Pepper was unhurt but was left thirsty and exhausted.

Her owner, named John from London, said: “I never thought that she would run through the gorse and no idea that there was a sheer cliff on the other side of it.

"I will never again walk Pepper off the lead near a cliff and would strongly advise other dog owners to learn from our experience."