A SPECIAL and unexpected reunion has resulted in a carer looking after the midwife who delivered her more than 45 years ago.

On August 27, 1969 Marie Lush delivered Iris Jenner’s bouncing baby girl Jo Hazelgrove.

As she grew up Jo lived down the street from Marie in Gordon Road, Brighton, and used to play with her children.

Six weeks ago Jo joined Hallifax Care based in Ditchling Road, Brighton, as a carer and noticed a familiar name on her rota – Marie Lush, who is now 91.

She said: “I couldn’t believe it. It was on the same street and I knew it had to be her.

“She’s still the same lovely woman and she’s still got the same beautiful laugh.

“Obviously she’s got dementia now because she’s in her 90s, but she’s still the same Marie that I remember.

“I have to keep telling her ‘you delivered me’, and she'll respond saying ‘did I, dear?’.

“It’s come full circle, she delivered me and now I’m caring for her.”

The pair have been reminiscing about life on the road more than 40 years ago.

Jo said: “It was fantastic, lots of happy memories.”

Her mother, now 70, who also still lives in Gordon Road, and joined her daughter last week to complete the reunion.

Anne Hallifax, from Hallifax Care, said: “Clients are always asking if the company and staff are local – now we are able to say – very local indeed.

“It was just coincidence when Jo looked at her roster to find the name Lush as one of the clients she had to visit. “After a few questions about the unusual name, she said to her manager: ‘Mrs Lush delivered me’.

“Now Joanna is helping to care for Marie, who needs some help to stay in her own home.”