AFTER the tragic death of her pup a town’s favourite seal is getting back to her old self.

Rusty the Seal sadly lost her baby shortly after giving birth just over a week ago but Martin Sinnock, who has been keeping track of her since her arrival in Newhaven, has said she is improving.

The 61-year-old retired journalist said: “It was very sad when her pup died and a colleague of mine from the British Divers Marine and Life Rescue had to get the body of the pup away from her.

“She has been moping about but the other day I went out on my paddle board and both seals were swimming around.”

The harbour seal Rusty has been an attraction in Newhaven for the past three months and Mr Sinnock, whose Fort Road home overlooks the harbour, has been making efforts to monitor her progress.

She has also been joined by a grey seal who has been affectionately named Dusty – its gender is currently unknown.

Mr Sinnock said: “Rusty was not quite as inquisitive as she normally is but Dusty sometimes follows me up the river and all the way back down again and he kept popping his head out.

“The main thing I keep telling people when I help run the paddleboard tryout sessions at the Surf Shop are while we will probably see the seal we will not take you near to it. They are wild animals and we do not want them to become tame.”