Cabbage fans will be thrilled by the size of this leafy veg.

The “freak” cabbage growing in Malcolm Gann’s allotment since last October is already 3.5 feet wide – and it shows no signs of slowing.

While cabbages normally ‘blow’ and stop growing in the spring, this monster vegetable has kept growing.

Mr Gann has been growing vegetables for ten years and has never seen a cabbage this big.

The 72-year-old from Rottingdean said: “It is just a spring cabbage that was planted last October and it has gone right through the winter and it is has just kept growing. I just do not know why.

“It is a freak and it should have blown a long time ago.”

His wife Alison said: “It is by far the biggest vegetable he has grown. It is an absolute giant.”

The pair plan to present the vegetable to their friend at Mr Gann’s golf club.

He said: “He loves cabbage and we are going to present it to him and put it up on the bar – just imagine the sight of it.”