The race is on this weekend between boaters and booters as they journey from the Thames to the Palace Pier.

Sail 4 Cancer, a specialist cancer respite charity with a sporting focus, launches Boot Vs Boat 2014 at midday on Saturday.

The race will see two sailing teams and a walking team go head-to-head in a bid to reach Brighton first.

Michael Beard, editor of The Argus, will be on board one of the vessels.

He said: “It’s a pleasure to take part for a good cause.”

The race begins from Tower Bridge in London, where two sail boats set off against each other and their walker counterparts as part of the challenge.

Last year, the walking troupe took 23 hours to get to Brighton but this year it includes some volunteers from the Army to quicken the march.

The boats are set to arrive in Brighton on Sunday morning after the 140-mile voyage. The walkers have a 60-mile trek ahead of them. To sponsor the participants, visit