Children pinned on aprons and picked up pots and pans as they spent a day learning how to cook.

The Eat Happy Project hosted a series of cooking courses for children in partnership with the Children’s Food Trust.

Tots gathered at Tesco Extra in Eastbourne on Tuesday to develop their culinary skills.

Tesco have also joined forces with the trust to provide pop-up cooking courses for 4,500 children to tackle gaps in their cooking knowledge.

Research published by the trust say 75% of parents worry their children have not grown up with basic cooking skills and three quarters of children have never even boiled an egg.

Linda Cregan, chief executive of the trust, said: “An important part of the East Happy Project is learning how and what to cook for a healthy balanced diet, a crucial life skill.

“Helping children grow in confidence in the kitchen and learn more about healthy eating is something we have been doing for seven years through our national network of 5000 school and community cooking clubs.”