A CITY councillor has given his backing to a new visitor welcoming service after trying it out for himself.

Labour councillor Alan Robins is hoping more residents will follow his lead and volunteer to be a City Champion giving advice and directions to day-trippers and holidaymakers.

The South Portslade councillor’s call comes as Brighton and Hove City Council reveals that more than 5,000 visitors to Brighton and Hove have been assisted by the new Promettes since taking to the streets at Easter.

Councillor Robins took up the role a month ago and said he thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

He said: “I would recommend it to anyone. I think we have all experienced going abroad and then get off at the station and wondered where you are and wishing you had a guide so it’s good to have a friendly, smiling face to point you in the right direction and in the direction of the main sites.”

The City Champion volunteers are on duty in the city centre every weekend providing a mobile information service to ensure that visitors make the most of their time in the city.

To become a City Champion contact visitor.info@visitbrighton.com or telephone 01273 290337.