Two men forced their way into a flat, robbed the occupant at knife point and crashed their getaway vehicle into a parked car before throwing their loot into a bush.

Their opportunistic spree started when a man opened the door of his flat in Western Road, St Leonards, to a friend on Bank Holiday Monday just after 6pm.

As the friend was coming in, the two men barged their way in as well and threatened the pair with a knife.

The flat occupier suffered a cut to his face.

The robbers demanded money from the men before stealing a laptop, XBox, mobile phone and iPod.

Police say they ran off and got into a car before driving in-land, where they crashed into a parked car in North Road.

They were seen leaving the car by members of the public and were found in a nearby street, where they were arrested.

The stolen items were found in a hedge nearby and recovered.

Two men aged 31 and 24 have been arrested after the incident and remain in custody.