Ethiopian schoolchildren have got their hands on new stationery thanks to a Sussex teenager.

Amy Sands, a Year 10 pupil from Sackville School in East Grinstead, went on a two week trip to Ethiopia in April to volunteer in a primary school and help build a water station along with 20 of her classmates.

They decided to take various gifts for the children, but Amy was not satisfied with leaving it there.

The youngster asked her parents and their colleagues at Parker Building Supplies for help – and they donated a large number of their notepads and pens to Amy who distributed them among her friends to carry in their rucksacks and give to the primary school children.

When Amy was in Ethiopia she was shocked to find that the children didn’t have anything to write on even though they have regular schooling.

The children were thrilled with their notepads and Alistair Townsend, East Grinstead branch manager of Parker Building Supplies, said: “We were more than happy to help one of our customers and donate the notepads and pens to such a worthwhile cause.

“It is great to see the children so delighted.”