An international skater will rollerblade along the coast to help save orangutans.

Aleesha Hanczakowski, who lives in Brighton, will skate 360 miles from Dover along the South Coast through Hastings, Brighton and Chichester all the way to St Austell in Cornwall. She will set off on September 14.

The 22-year-old, who has represented her home country, Australia, at the World Championships four times as an inline figure skater, aims to complete the challenge in nine days, skating about 40 miles a day.

The feat will raise funds for The Orangutan Project. Miss Hanczakowski worked with the charity at the Matang Wildlife Centre in Borneo.

She said: “The team care passionately about trying to make the lives of animals better.

“These workers disregard the materialistic and consumerist aspects of Western culture and are willing simply to do a job that desperately needs doing, for no real recognition and no financial remuneration.

“This commitment is what they, and I, believe it takes to truly make a difference.

“I was able to observe the released, semi-wild orangutans of the Semenggoh Nature Reserve and their seven different habitats of Borneo in the remaining Bako National Park.

“Wild orangutans used to live in many parts of South East Asia, but the places where they can thrive and find food are quickly vanishing.

“Borneo and Sumatra are now their last remaining homes where still large parts of the old growth rainforest are being destroyed.

“As the precious little forest that is left disappears rapidly, the survival of the species is under serious threat with orangutan numbers declining by around 50% in the last 60 years.

“I am looking forward to combining my passions and abilities for a worthy cause.”

To donate, visit http://blading or bladingforborneo.