A CELEBRITY chef had a barbecue on Hove seafront yesterday afternoon.

Jamie Oliver was on Hove Lawns yesterday with farmer and TV presenter Jimmy Doherty.

They were putting together an item about food waste for Jamie and Jimmy’s Weekend Feast, a Channel 4 series due to be broadcast in January.

The series is a follow-on from Jamie And Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast.

The pair were on location to mix with some local chefs to cook up food past its best before date and destined for landfill.

Jamie said: “We’re here in town cooking with some of Brighton’s best talents to tackle a massive issue that involves 50% of everything we throw away.”

Looking into the growing trend of people throwing food out of their fridges, it hopes to highlight the food that is thrown away.

On location was Douglas McMaster, behind a new zero waste restaurant called Silo, opening in Brighton in September.

With other chefs, they cooked up a feast for 30 people including Brighton and Hove mayor Brian Fitch.