RACEGOERS did a double-take when a four-legged creature of a different kind made it on to the track.

Spectators at Fontwell Park Racecourse in Arundel could not believe their eyes when a greyhound entered the 4.20pm hurdle race.

Its mad dash halted the race, involving six horses, just before it started.

One jockey was so fed up he dismounted from his horse while about 20 people ran around on the track to try to catch the dog.

Running commentary The commentator was able to give the crowd a running account of the dog’s progress.

Rhian Wade, 22, of Worthing, was watching the day’s racing.

She said: “It was running quite quickly, I don’t think it wanted to be caught.

“Everyone was laughing. It was certainly something different.”

She was at the race course with her boyfriend and Argus reporter Ben Leo, 25, who spent a day at the races for his birthday.

He said: “It was running around for ages. Everyone in the grandstand was cheering.

“Security guards wearing black suits and sunglasses marched on to the track.

“It went and hid under a truck and they couldn’t get it out. There were children too, running around trying to catch it.

“As ever it was a really good day and I am glad I spent my birthday at Fontwell.”

During the frantic attempts to catch the dog Mr Leo tweeted: “Fancies its chances by sprinting up and down the home turn. Bizarre scenes!!!”

Some people were jokingly placing bets on the greyhound, which was perhaps reliving its days as a race dog.

The incursion meant the race was delayed by 15 minutes.

George Hill, the marketing manager of Fontwell, said the dog had been reported missing two days earlier.

He said: “Obviously the race couldn’t start until it was caught.

“It eventually got caught and was taken to a secure area.

“It was fine and the owner has been in contact with us to be reunited with it.

“The commentator was letting people know what was happening.

“These things happen but I don’t recall it happening here before.”