FOLLOWING his interactive digital firework display PixelPyros, artist Seb Lee-Delisle has developed a new touch sensitive musical instrument for Brighton Digital Festival 2014.

Laser Light Synths creates a laser light display running up the columns of the Unitarian Church, triggered by touch activated musical instruments filled with hundreds of high-power LED lights.

“I think everyone dreams of being in a band,” says Lee-Delisle.

“I want to give people the chance to experience what that’s like. Anyone can be part of the performance and I’ve designed the Light Synths to be easy to play but genuinely expressive musical instruments.”

Lee-Delisle is currently in a studio residency at Brighton-based Lighthouse, where he has designed the instruments from scratch with the help of community group BuildBrighton.

As with PixelPyros, which used a 60ft screen to host a hand-triggered digital pyrotechnic display, the public is an essential part of the synth.

“For me, this is all about my passion for taking computer technology into the open air for everyone to enjoy,” says Lee-Delisle, who opened the 2012 Brighton Digital Festival with PixelPyros.

“We’ll be bringing the most powerful lasers I can get my hands on.”

Starts 8pm, free. Visit <&bh""><&eh>