Rubbish should be used in more construction projects – that’s according to MP Caroline Lucas.

The Brighton Pavilion Green MP was visiting the University of Brighton’s Waste House – the first building made almost all of thrown away materials.

More than 20,000 old toothbrushes, two tonnes of denim jeans, 4,000 video cassettes, 2,000 used carpet tiles, thrown away timber, paper, plastic bags and chalk were used in the house construction.

Ms Lucas said: “The housing industry has a huge amount to catch up on. For every five houses being built enough waste is created to build one extra house. This makes absolutely no sense at all.

“The housing industry has got to get its act together.”

The MP also praised the uni for showing how waste can be reused and recycled.

She was shown round by lecturer and architect Duncan Baker-Brown.

He worked with the Mears Group and student’s reuse group FREEGLE UK to build the house on the uni’s Grand Parade campus. It will be used as a centre for school children to learn about sustainability.