WEATHER forecasters are predicting a hurricane – but don’t worry, it’s set to be a scorcher.

Hurricane Cristobal, which is gathering speed in the Bahamas, is forecast to narrowly miss Britain at the end of the week.

Experts say it will drag an area of high pressure behind it, meaning the cold and wet conditions of the last few weeks are expected to give way to a settled spell bringing back memories of the above-average temperatures of June and July.

Traders are hoping the warmer weather will help encourage more people to get out and about and into Brighton and Hove and around the county, following a disappointing rain-soaked Bank Holiday Monday.

Nick Prebble, forecaster with MeteoGroup, said: “It’s turning nice next week, certainly warmer than it’s been over the last few weeks.

“From Sunday onwards it will start to settle down, with much of the UK seeing quite a lot of dry weather, due to an area of high pressure coming in, from the south west, then becoming stationary over the UK.

“It’s not a completely dry picture. There may be one or two showers, but certainly nothing like the rain we’ve had over the past weeks.

“Temperatures may be in the mid to high 20s Celsius, particularly in the south east, from around midweek, and they may reach as high as 25 (77F) or 26C (79F).

“Pretty much across the UK we will see above average temperatures.

“Unfortunately I don’t think it is going to be too long lasting.

“I think temperatures will be dropping by the following weekend, though they may remain just above average, around the 20C mark, with some rain coming in.

“Hopefully this won’t be the last warm spell. The weather can be nice right into November, so I wouldn’t write it off yet.”

The warm spell is believed to be partly caused by Hurricane Cristobal, which has been sweeping across the Bahamas at 75mph.

The tail end is forecast to hit Europe tomorrow although it is likely to narrowly miss the UK.

However instead of the usual downpours and flash flooding, Cristobel is expected to drag in warmer weather across the country.