A portion of travellers pitched up on Southwick Green for nine days have been moved on.

Police held a meeting with residents and business in the area this afternoon to discuss the encampment.

About 15 caravans and other vehicles moved off of the green.

However, about eight caravans remain.

It was a case of second time lucky for Adur District Council, after serving notice on one group of caravans which had moved there from Shoreham Beach on August 21.

The council issued a notice of direction on them but they stayed on the green over the Bank Holiday weekend.

They were joined by another eight caravans on Wednesday (August 27).

Sussex Police said it had not anticipated a Section 61 order because it hoped the travellers would move of their own accord.

The travellers who did leave, packed up and left at about 5.45pm today under the watch of ten or so police officers.