A TOURETTE’S sufferer was thrown out of his local bingo hall after shouting “Jimmy Savile’s got my leg”.

Louis Bunn, 23, from Eastbourne, said his tics got the better of him after an elderly player began mocking him at the Leo Leisure Bingo Hall.

Mr Bunn, who owns the I Vintage Coffee company in the town, is a keen bingo player and regularly goes to the hall in Pevensey Road.

He was enjoying a game on August 24, when his involuntary tics, which typically involve shouting and swearing, caused a stir among other players.

In a bid to highlight the condition, he spoke out about the incident. He said he started off with inoffensive shouts of “whoop” “wow” and “all the sixes”.

However, when the caller and other players mocked him, he belted out more offensive phrases.

As he became more stressed by the episode, the tics got worse and expletives were soon ringing round the bingo hall.

One of the other players told him to shut up as he was distracting her.

He tried to respond by informing her of his condition – but instead he involuntarily swore at her.

He followed this up with his Jimmy Savile remark, but had no idea where it had come from.

With that, he was thrown out the club by bingo hall owner Peter Brown.

When The Argus called at the weekend we were told Mr Brown would not be available to comment.

However, speaking to a national newspaper, he said he was aware of Mr Bunn’s condition and that he had never had a problem with him.

He added that he had had a complaint that Mr Bunn had jumped from his seat and been very aggressive towards an old lady.

He also alleged Mr Bunn had been aggressive to staff and spat and sworn at him.

Mr Bunn said he has doubled his medication since the stressful incident.