Shoreham Airshow organisers have hailed the event as the greatest in their history.

The skies above the town were filled with aircraft spanning the last 100 years, with everything from World War One biplanes to the Eurofighter Typhoon.

While organisers last night said it was impossible to estimate the total attendance, they said it was likely to be one of the busiest in their history.

They are also expecting the amount of money they donate to the Royal Air Force Association to be highest ever.

John Periam, from the event, said: “It has been a fantastic weekend, the best ever.

“I put it down to two things: firstly the weather which is always a huge factor; and secondly, our display director Rod Dean has put on an excellent display with something for everyone.”

As always, the highlight for many was the Battle of Britain flypast.

The sound of the Spitfire’s Rolls Royce Merlin engine with the gothic beauty of Lancing College in the background is unique to the airshow. For those after something a bit louder, the Eurofighter did its best to stand hairs up on end while rattling thousands of ear drums.

Another highlight was the fearsome Vulcan, which during the Cold War was Britain’s nuclear bomber.

The unforgettable shape of the plane cast against the airfield took some beating.

There was also a special collection of planes on display to commemorate the 70th anniversary of D-Day – which was in June. Among them were the Hurricane, Mustang, Dakota, the Douglas C-47A and the B17 Flying Fortress. There were also a series of Luftwaffe planes including the Hispano HA1112.

As part of the D-Day commemorations there was a re-enactment of an attack on a German airbase. The 40-minute flying and pyrotechnic show had fans on their feet on both Saturday and Sunday.

There was also a special tribute to the US Navy with displays from a Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat, a F8F-2P Bearcar, and a FG-1D Corsair.

But it wasn’t just aircrafts of war, a number of civilian displays also got the crowd going. There was the Breitling Wingwlakers, The Blades display team and Trig aerobatic team. There was also plenty happening at ground level with countless stalls, trade stands, games and a funfair.

Mr Periam said: “We always like to have something new and this year we had model planes flying during the lunch break. It was a really popular addition and there was a standing ovation when we had a model Extra plane flying alongside its real counterpart.”

He added: “We have had a fantastic year but as a group we never talk about next year until the last plane from this year’s has landed, it’s superstition I guess.

“Saying that I’m sure we will be back.”