Once again the matter of an alternative railway line to Brighton from London has been raised and quite rightly so.

Desirable and urgently received it may be, but over the past few years I have constantly asked through the medium of The Argus for an indication of a proposed route.

No response whatsoever that can be considered as practical or even desirable has appeared.

Allied to this is the preposterous suggestion that the Uckfield to Lewes Line, long since closed, might be re-opened.

Surely those who are able to respond to my requests for information for specific proposals for a possible route might like to put their views on record to at least show there are ways that can be seriously considered.

In talking blindly about the re-opening of the Uckfield to Lewes line seems to suggest that Lewes town centre might need to be demolished and rebuilt.

If this is not so, what are the alternatives?

Answers please.

Trevor Bolton, The Green