It is with great pleasure that we are able to tell you that a new priest has been appointed to St Barnabas, Hove.

It is not totally straightforward so please read this before jumping to any conclusions.

Fr Lawrence MacLean, currently vicar and rural dean of St Michaels, Torrington, in Devon has been appointed incumbent of St Barnabas and in addition priest in charge of St Andrew’s, Hove in order to mentor the new associate vicar of St Andrew’s, Fr Dan Henderson.

In addition, in the same way Fr Keith had a second role as rural dean, Fr Lawrence will have a second role as diocesan development officer for the diocesan property sustainability issues.

Fr Lawrence comes with a great deal of experience as both a priest and a fundraiser.

Prior to his current role, he was for 10 years chaplain of St Mark’s, Florence, St Peter’s, Siena and to the whole of Tuscany.

He served his title in Cirencester. He was trained at Chichester Theological College.

Jacqueline, his wife, is both a Bowen therapist and an education guidance counsellor.

They have four children, two boys and two girls, three of whom have flown the nest.

Ben the youngest,14, is still in education and was also head boy and senior chorister at Westminster Abbey.

We look forward to welcoming them all to St Barnabas in the not too distant future and to strengthening our links with St Andrew’s, though it must be stressed that both churches will continue to operate as separate entities.

Gillian Eddison and Tony Kimpton, Churchwardens at St Barnabas, Hove, West Sussex