Surprise, surprise Peacehaven and Newhaven are mentioned again as possible sites for waste processing.

They’ve done their share with the incinerator and the sewage plant and the A259 doesn’t need it (Argus, August 9).

Brighton actually needs a processing plant. It has proved it cannot cope with its rubbish even with a waste transfer station.

Lewes District ‘planners’ should be ashamed of the way Newhaven has been treated over the last 50 years. It should be a picturesque seaside town, a property developer’s dream with a port, harbour, river, island, railway and road and ferry links. Instead it is becoming one huge business park and still firms are being asked to relocate to it.

Most do not use the railway off the ferry and it could be located elsewhere.

Now in addition to the incinerator and unnecessary relocation of the local recycling centre they can see an area of opportunity for a waste processing plant.

Enough is enough. The town centre has been strangled by a ring road. West Beach remains closed due to a lack of repairs. The port has been sold to the French. The ferry is under threat of closure.

Denton Island could have a theme with riverside cafes and restaurants – not a hotch potch of commercial ventures.

Did anyone seek a lottery grant to clean contaminated land for a huge water park?

No wonder ASDA and the banks have pulled out. What has happened to the £2 million regeneration money given to Newhaven a year or two ago?

Build the homes that are promised to bring the resident numbers up so that the town can flourish again.

Do not dump more rubbish on to it.

Mr Howard, Gladys Avenue, Peacehaven