I read with interest the comments made by respected local businesswoman Sue Addis on the poor state of one of Brighton’s jewels – The Lanes.

I seem to have read too many letters from readers highlighting the poor state of Brighton this year.

I don’t buy into the views normally given about there being a lack of money either.

I grew up in Brighton in the very early 1950s. This was a time of real austerity and yet our council then offered so many services all of which were to a very high standard.

Then Brighton ran its own ambulance service, fire brigade, police – (do older readers remember the distinctive white helmets officers wore in summer?) we could boast one of the finest fleets of trolley/motor buses in the country, and despite attracting large numbers of visitors the town was kept clean and tidy by an efficient and loyal Cleansing Department. Our parks and gardens were best described as being pristine.

I hate to see people walking across the Victoria/Valley gardens, these were laid down for purely visual purposes and they certainly achieved that.

Central government has to be blamed for this lack of civic pride as for years they have been sucking the life out of local government so there isn’t loyalty or personal pleasure of seeing a job well done anymore.

I hope that the city council will take note of the criticisms being made about Brighton and act on it fast.

Ian Steedman St George’s Road Worthing