Rather than residents being confused, Councillor Andrew Wealls, Conservative Opposition Spokesperson for Children and Young People (Argus, September 3), surely it is he who appears to be confused, not only about the Labour Party education policies but also our aims and aspirations for our children.

I have long been appalled that those children who do not go to university are seen and treated as second class citizens and do not count.

The Labour Party education policy statement released this week confirms that the measures that Labour is proposing will move towards ending the culture that the academic route is always best and vocational skills are second best.

With radical reforms to our education and skills system a clear route will be created for the forgotten 50% of young people that do not currently go to university.

With new school places desperately needed in our city, to ensure proper planning, Directors of Schools Standards will have the powers to commission new schools fairly and transparently, thus ending this government’s bias toward academies and free schools and giving local communities a greater say.

A future Labour Government will ensure that ALL children are included and get the recognition that their hard work deserves whether academic or vocational and education is safe in our hands.

Councillor Anne Pissaridou Labour and Cooperative Spokesperson for Children and Young People