PLANS for a £100million development at Circus Street, Brighton, have been recommended for approval.

The mixed residential, commercial and educational development has won the support of Brighton and Hove City Council officers.

The plans would see the former market, University of Brighton buildings and the council’s Carlton Hill car park demolished.

In their place would be a seven-storey University of Brighton library and academic building, a three-storey dance building and a seven-storey office block. There would also be space for cafes and shops along with 142 flats and accommodation for 450 students.

The plans feature 38 parking spaces, 16 on-site disabled spaces and more than 600 cycling bays.

In a report yesterday ahead of Wednesday’s planning meeting, council planning bosses urged councillors to back the plans.

The development area is bounded by Circus Street to the west, Kingswood Street to the south, Morley Street to the north and Carlton Row to the east.

The residential properties, both student and non-student, would be in eight buildings of various sizes.

The office space would be set over seven floors, with space on the ground floor for shops and cafes. The seventh floor would feature a glazed greenhouse design set from the parapets.

The four-storey dance studio would have a studio, mezzanine, changing rooms, bar, kitchen and accommodation. The blocks would be built around a tree-lined walkway leading to a public square on the south side.

The 33 objections during public consultation included complaints about loss of privacy, overdevelopment and noise. The Kingscliffe Society, Conservation Advisory Group and the Brighton Society have all objected to the plans. A 46-signature petition was also handed in by residents of nearby Milner and Kingswood flats.

Council planners call on the committee to accept the proposal subject to conditions, including £300,000 of section 106 money from developers and £1.25 million to be spent on local infrastructure.