A POPULAR museum has taken delivery of a new fishing boat after a combination of the weather and nightclub revellers damaged the previous vessel.

The traditional fishing boat was lowered into place outside Brighton Fishing Museum in Kings Road Arches on Tuesday morning.

It replaces a similar boat which has been in place for more than 15 years.

Neil Messenger, who volunteers at the museum, said: “It’s designed to be in the water so the wind and the sun soon dries it out.

“Being on the seafront we also get people at night dancing and jumping on it, which is no good. After a weekend we find cans in it and not so long ago someone tried to start a fire.”

Mr Messenger added: “We are always appealing to people for donations – be it money or boats.

“If anyone can help they should call 01273 777007 or visit the website.”

For more details, visit brightonfishingmuseum.org.uk