THE amount residents pay for policing is expected to rise for the second year running.

Finance chiefs need the money to fully implement plans proposed when they asked for a bigger raise than they got last year.

The Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner’s office proposes raising their share of council tax by 1.98%, meaning the amount for Band D taxpayers would increase next year by £2.79, from £141.12 to £143.91.

The force believes freezing the levy is also a “realistic” option for next year’s budget, although a Government grant to help with that only lasts two years.

Finance papers shown to the police and crime panel by the PCC say a precept increase of 1.98% would bring in an extra £800,000 a year for the next two years and £1.6 million after that.

Brad Watson, chairman of the Police and Crime Panel, which holds the PCC to account, said it would prefer no rise in ’ bills but might support an increase for specific projects.

He said: “We are conscious that an increase in council tax is a burden to residents but equally if there was a public concern, as there was last year, it has got to be targeted.”

Last year the panel approved a rise of 3.6% but that was reduced to 1.95% after the Government said the higher figure would require a referendum.

That forced police to cut planned investment in frontline policing and responding to sexual violence, child exploitation and cyber crime.

The police finance papers show that raising the 2015-16 precept will allow the original plans for investment for 2014-15, backed by the Police and Crime Panel in 2014, to be carried out.

They add: “These three areas remain the key priorities for the Chief Constable.”

The police face cuts in government funding and needs to save £55 million pounds by 2015. Any raise will require a public consultation.

The final budget will be presented in January.