AN ASPIRING actor who lied about playing a stormtrooper in the new Star Wars film has been caught out.

Alex Rolt, 23, from Crawley, apologised after he claimed he played a fan favourite character in The Force Awakens known as TR-8R -  a claim rubbished by the filmakers. 

Now offcially named Nines, he appears for one scene where he screams "traitor" at John Boyega's character Finn before duelling him with a lightsabre-stopping energy baton.

The stormtrooper became a cult favourite spawning a series of online jokes and calls for him to return in Episode VIII.

The unknown actor tweeted a picture of character and said he "loved shooting" the scene.

Rolt even gave media interviews talking about the experience.

But despite Rolt's claims he was chosen for the bit part due to his fencing skills, he was unmasked by Lucasfilm who revealed the trooper was actually played by stuntman Liang Yang.

Rolt apologised on Twitter, saying his "career was tarnished" by the lie.