A COMEDIAN came up with one heck of a put-down to silence a nosy member of the audience.

Dealing with hecklers is part of Laura Lexx’s repertoire, so when a man decided to point out she was a woman, he probably wished he hadn’t.

Performing as a compere at Komedia in her home city of Brighton, she was filmed giving the man a dressing down and the video has since gone viral.

Within moments of the start a man sitting off camera shouts out that he is "miserable" and said he thought the compere would be a man.

Without missing a beat, the 29-year-old quips: “Oh, sweetheart - you expected that it would be a man? It must be much like your sex life.”

The retort from the man is, “What did you say?”, to which the Brighton-based comedian blasts: “Listen my darling, I am very pleased that you have come along but the thing about comedy is I am very good at my job.

“And the thing with stand up comedy is it's just like sex with your missus - it is just better if you let her get on with it on her own.

“You know what I mean don't you? With comedy you get into the rhythm and then you hear that voice coming out of the darkness and suddenly it is very hard to finish.”

Later in the show she tried to build bridges with the disgruntled man by asking him where he's from, but he refuses to respond.

So she continues: “If we could get some crayons to that side of the room, that would be lovely.

“The adults have gathered to hear some hilarious jokes and this guy is having a sort of breakdown.”

Talking exclusively to The Argus, the comedian, who is married to a member of band Noise Next Door who played Komedia this month, said: “Usually a bit more derogatory, get your tits out, but he didn’t have the capacity to think through to the next level of heckling.

“He just said exactly what was going on in his head.

“He wasn’t very bright, bless him.

“I think there’s quite a few different reasons, some people think it’s part of the show, and you’ve got to be able to have a bit of banter, but at some point they have to stop talking and let the comedian talk.

“Some people are so drunk they don’t understand and there’s nothing you can do.”

Moments after the incident, the man was thrown out by staff, and his embarrassed friends stayed inside to watch the rest of the show instead of following him out.

“The crowd were amazing,” she said.

“Komedia is such a joy to play and one of the reasons is it attracts a really good demographic and staff are very good.”