When Dr Worsley, Joint Chief Curator at Historic Royal Palaces’ is not attending to her day job she appears on television presenting history in her inimitable own style.

Her ability to makes history interesting and palatable was borne out by a sellout house that was engrossed throughout.

England’s Georgian line came about through the desire to have a Protestant monarchy – the Catholic issue of James II being ignored

She chose to base her talk round Caroline of Ansbach, her favourite Georgian, educated and witty - an exception to the frivolous other society women - later to become wife to George II.

Worsley fascinated her listeners with anecdotes that were funny and salacious – royal mistresses, adultery and murder mingled with fashion, social etiquette and Kensington Palace.

The later built by George I to hold bigger parties than those of his son and Caroline who were socially more popular that the king.

A question and answer session followed where more anecdotes flowed. It was learnt that contrary to popular belief Hampton Court was not used for the filming of Woolf Hall. 

She confessed that Jane Austen was her second favourite Georgian and that she had spent the afternoon Austen spotting around Worthing.