ANDREW Lloyd Webber and Don Black’s Tell Me on a Sunday is a one woman song cycle telling of an English woman living in America.

Her romantic and naïve search for love takes her from one disastrous relationship to the next –a workaholic Hollywood producer, a younger but untrustworthy lover and settling for second best as the mistress of a married man. 

The optimism that sustains Emma is eventually shattered when the man refuses to leave his wife. However the experience brings about a maturity to face the future with determination to survive.

Jodie Prenger’s challenging solo performance griped the audience. She roller coasted through the gamut of emotions – happiness soon dashed and replaced by heartbreak. The joyful anticipation of My Readymade Life segued into furious anger with Let Me Finish whilst Take That Look of Your Face was spat out. 

After the interval Prenger held a Question & Answer session covering her career and ambitions (to run her own animal sanctuary). After the angst of the first half she showed her cheeky, wacky side. A nice touch was having understudy, Jodie Beck Meyer join her for Another Suitcase.

Unexpected Song proved to be the perfect finish to the evening.