A MOTHER has spoken of her heartbreak after her "precious, perfectly healthy" baby died suddenly from a rare bug at nine days old.

Rose Ebrahimi(COR) was born in perfect health weighing 6lb 4oz baby at her family's home in Woodingdean and midwives thought she was the image of perfect health.

But nine days later, on November 17, her parents Vicky and Alireza found her limp with blue lips in her cot and knew something was very wrong.

Rose never recovered and a common bacterial infection caught in the days after her birth snatched her brief life away.

Vicky, 31, of Langley Crescent, said: "That morning she was absolutely fine.

"She went down for a nap and I was downstairs making some food.

"I went back upstairs about 20 minutes later and she was limp and had blue lips.

"Luckily my husband had just come home and he chucked me the phone and said call 999 and tried to resuscitate her on the bed.

"I was panicking so much.

"The paramedics spent quite some time working on her and my two other boys saw everything.

"The ambulance guys told me it didn't look good but I didn't really take it in.

"Alireza went in the ambulance with her and I followed in the paramedic's car.

"I remember taking her changing bag thinking I was going to be taking her home or if she had to stay in hospital there would be things she would need."

But after arriving at the hospital Vicky and plumber Alireza, 45, were told the awful news that Rose could not be saved.

"I was just numb," said Vicky.

"My husband broke down on the floor holding her. I panicked.

"I couldn't even hold her. I felt scared to hold my own baby."

A postmortem found that Rose caught a secondary group B streptococcal infection - known as strep B- from someone she came into contact with carrying the common sore throat bug - which attacked her delicate immune system.

Vicky and Alireza, and their two boys Kyan, six and Jacob, three, are struggling to come to terms with Rose's sudden death.

Kyan and Jacob who watched paramedics try to save their sister panic if they see their parents lying down or asleep and insist on sharing a bed and sleeping with the light on.

"My heart is broken but people are surprised I can talk about it without crying," said Vicky.

"But I do enough crying.

"I say to the boys 'Rose is still your sister but she's in heaven'.

"It's changed me. I had a breakdown and couldn't cope after she died.

"But I wouldn't regret the time she was alive. She made me see how precious life is. "

Vicky is desperate to buy a headstone for Rose's grave, but the family are struggling to meet the £1,700 cost.