Having had great success with Grease and Hairspray, Brighton Theatre Group Youth choose another film to stage musical.

Heroine Elle Woods has a favourite colour, pink, which happens to be the same colour of candyfloss and bubblegum. Aptly, these confections describe the plot and the songs. The show is light, fluffy and fun and maintains the company’s high standard. Michael Burnie’s direction is slick and crisp.

While the whole cast merit special praise there is only space to single three standout performances. Ollie Wray gives a solid performance as good guy Emmett while Beth Yeates displays excellent comedy, especially in the song Ireland. But the evening belongs to Madison Horne as Elle. She is quite something – a triple threat of acting, singing and dancing.

The show is packed with lively and highly energetic dancing, all devised by choreographer, Jodie Michele. She even manages to work in a fitness class as well as a Riverdance routine. This is superbly executed by the whole cast.

With so many scene changes mention must be made of the clever and smooth transitions.

Not many of the songs linger in the mind - Gay Or European is the exception with its wit and exuberance.