This 1971 farce dominated the West End for 16 years. Wick Theatre Company having dusted it off show that the piece still sparkles - thanks to some excellent performances.

Farce may be crude comedy but it requires precision timing from its actors and strong direction that ensures sustained pace. In this production both elements are more than satisfactorily achieved.

A simple storyline, of a wife ordering Swedish china and glassware and then being inundated with pornography instead, develops into a farcical chain of events. All the action takes place in a flat above a bank and involves both staff and officials. The ensuing mayhem has the audience chortling throughout.

The whole cast work hard with Matt Mulvay and Andrea Jones leading the way as the hapless couple at the centre of the maelstrom. Pam Luxton has a whale of a time as the mother-in-law from hell while John Garland lets his hair and pyjama bottoms down as a much-abused bank inspector.

But all the performances are overshadowed by Mark Best, the innocent patsy who becomes embroiled and carries the can for each unfolding disaster. His performance demonstrates that he is a comic genius when it comes to expressing hysterical outrage.

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