When Mark Hayhurst’s first play, Taken At Midnight, appeared at Chichester in 2014, it provided a powerful theatrical experience. His latest play proves he is not a one–hit wonder.

While visiting war graves in France he came across one that bore the inscription “shot at dawn” – the only one bearing those words.

It inspired him to write about the soldier lying beneath, Albert Ingham, and his pal, Alfred Longshaw, who were shot for desertion.

Mixing his imagination with fact, Hayhurst has produced a riveting piece of theatre that weaves between the horrors of the Front and the lives of Ingham’s family. It is a study of conflict – both war and the conflict within the family.

The magnificence of the writing gets the production it deserves – taught, sensitive direction; realistic battle effects with inventive scenery changes and a very strong cast.

Phil Davis leads the home front as Albert’s father – a stubborn, principled man who Davis plays to perfection. He receives strong support from Amelda Brown and Kelly Price, wife and daughter.

Their performances are matched by Tom Gill and David Moorst as the deserters. Moorst, all arrogance and sharp wit, as opposed to Gill’s quiet and dogged loyal friendship.

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