ONE could define Pirates of the Carabina’s Flown as simply a circus troupe struggling to put on a show amid mishaps and chaos. But that would not do justice to a unique show that allows 11 extremely talented musician/ performers to take their instrumental and circus skills and mix them with original music and modern dance to produce an exciting piece of theatre.

A seating reconfiguration made way for a thrust stage with towering scaffolding and lighting rigs. This brought the audience nearer the action, creating a more intimate setting.

This hardworking troupe gave astonishing displays of aerial work and gymnastics, often with balletic overtones. Equally impressive were the counter balancers ensuring that the artists soared and swooped.

The absence of a programme prevents individual performers being duly credited but mention must be made of the artist who delivered a monologue and played a harmonica while performing his high wire walking act.

Live music enhanced the spectacle and created a frenzied crescendo for the finale. Not only did two performers skim above the heads of the audience but they were joined by the drum kit and drummer soaring with them.