HUNDREDS of smart Mods revved into Brighton for the biggest reunion ever.

The popular Mod Weekender returned in a cloud of scooter smoke as lovers of sixties style from around the country descended on the city.

Scores of mods parked their Vespas and Lambrettas outside the Volks nightclub in Madeira Drive, made famous in the film Quadrophenia.

The celebration of Modernist culture saw sharp-suited men and women with bobbed hair and gogo boots straddle their Lambrettas for the annual ride.

A scooter competition will be held in Madeira Drive today (MON) before the cruise down to the Smugglers rest in Peacehaven.

Surrey Lambretta Driver Dave Phelps, 66, said: "It's always the best weekend of the year and this year is no exception.

"It's just such a great chance to catch up with your old mates and relive your youth.

"But people still keep pulling out all the stops.

I think the scooters and the outfits get better and better every year.

"And Brighton is such a great place for it."

Jonathan Leroy, who rund the Mod clothing shop Jump the Gun in Gardner Street, and is involved with the event every year said: "Every year it just gets bigger and better.

"I think this year is probably the biggest yet.

"There are more and more events and gigs and things that are all part of it.

"It's a whole lifestyle thing.

Unlike the Isle of White scooter run, which is all about the scooters, people come to Brighton for a really great weekend.

"It is also really great to keep seeing more and more young ModsYou don't so often get that with young kids, but they come in all dressed up and going to town so it's good to see the movement living on.

"For us its the best weekend of business all year - but it's also great fun.

"You see the same people year after year."

For many of those at the weekender Modernism is a way of life - but there are also those who just like to dress up for the weekend before returning to their ordinary lives.

Mr Leroy said it was almost impossible to tell the difference because the outfits were so good.