HUNDREDS of excited Pokémon fans are expected to pour on to a pier for a charity event supporting children living with cancer.

Pokémon GO has become a global sensation since its launch on July 6 this year, with more than 500 million downloads worldwide.

It is unique because it uses a technology called augmented reality (AR), which projects digital aspects of the game into the real world via a smartphone camera.

Using a smartphone’s GPS and camera, the game sends players on a virtual scavenger hunt in search of nearby Pokémon monsters, encouraging individuals and families to leave their homes and be active whilst playing.

Now Eastbourne Pier will play host to Eastbourne PokéPier GO! on Saturday between 2pm and 4pm.

There will be the chance to meet Pikachu - popularly known as the mascot of the Pokémon franchise - and catch rare Pokémon thanks to the free Pokémon GO lures which will be on the pier's 'Pokestops' during the event.

As well as the opportunity to have a photo with a human-sized Pikachu - with Eastbourne's picturesque pier and seafront as the background - there will be a group of costumed Pokémon characters who will be raising money for the Children with Cancer Fund, based in Polegate.

Co-organiser Stephen Kent said: "I am thrilled that Eastbourne's iconic pier will be playing host to the town's first big, unofficial Pokémon event since the massively successful Pokémon GO game was released.

"With the Eastbourne Pokémon GO Facebook group having more than 1,300 members alone, we know it will be popular with many of them, as well as other families and groups of people coming to the pier to meet Pikachu and (hopefully!) catch some rarer Pokémon that appear from the lures.

"We have also compiled an exclusive playlist of awesome Pokémon music, theme songs and remixes that will be played through the pier's speakers during the event, the perfect backing track to your Pokémon adventures."

Entry is free and all money raised through bucket donations on the day will be donated to the charity.

For more information, search “Eastbourne PokéPier GO!” on Facebook.