Jeremy Hardy is probably best known for his work on the radio – News Quiz and I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue. As a stand-up comedian and freed from the shackles of the BBC he becomes a passionate political animal, making no secret that he is well and truly to the left.

With Brexit and Trump’s victory one would have anticipated rich pickings for him to plunder. Surprisingly Trump got off lightly but not so Brexit. He savaged those who peddled fear of immigration and spoke of his visits to the jungle camp at Calais. Nigel Farage was lambasted for promoting the idea that old people were fearful of change or easily shocked.

Whilst Hardy was earnest in getting his messages across he did so with a caustic wit that had the packed audience howling with laughter. Other targets encompassed a hatchet job on Teresa May and Cabinet members; Daytime TV and a wonderful skit on hospital soaps as opposed to the realities faced by the NHS which he passionately defended.

His anger and frustration was frequently defused by references to his much loved parents and to the joy of moving from a suburban middle-class environment to the multi-cultural world of London.