DALE Rooks, her creative team and her multi-talented young actors triumph once again.

Together they create pure theatrical magic as J M Barrie’s beloved story shakes off any pantomime trappings and returns to the original play. Albeit it is now set in the present, reflecting the tale’s continuing relevance.

A flurry of quirky fairies acting as narrators and scene transformers set things in motion. The quirkiest of all is Tinker Bell – a punk sprite – delightfully played by Darcy Collins who, in the absence of dialogue, makes good use of her body’s physicality to communicate.

All members of the 80-strong cast demonstrate a great sense of ensemble playing and give disciplined performances with added dancing/ singing skills.

Among the principals, mention has to be made of Sephora Parish as Wendy. She successfully blends the character’s motherly aspect with the awakening feelings of young love for Peter, a spirited performance from Sami Green.

Hal Darling endows Hook with the air of a thwarted thespian while Martha Waddington makes a cheeky Slightly.

Imaginative staging is seen at its best in the Mermaid Lagoon and the puppetry for the flying scenes while the materialisation of the crocodile at the end is a hoot.