I HAVE urged the Government to find more money for East Sussex schools otherwise there will be a funding crisis.

I have been been working behind the scenes organising meetings with local headteachers and education ministers to try to persuade Whitehall to change its mind over an eight per cent on average reduction in school budgets in real terms.

I agree with the schools that the reduction will lead to fewer resources in the classroom despite recent fairer finding proposals meaning every school in Eastbourne – except the free school, Gildredge House – will receive more money per pupil.

It seems the Government has given with one hand in Eastbourne on this issue in the form of fairer funding, which is great news, but then taken with the other with these budget reductions.

As a former teacher I am acutely aware of the pressures headteachers are under and I have worked with them and ministers to ensure this was heard at the highest level.

However it appears these reductions will happen.

I understand fully we must balance our budget and cut the deficit but education remains absolutely crucial to our future prosperity and the opportunities it gives young people to become the success stories of tomorrow.

I have made my views clear to ministers these reductions should not happen and I support local head teachers in their opposition to them.

Caroline Ansell is the MP for Eastbourne and Willingdon