THREE friends with a passion for philanthropy and adventure have decided to take on a car rally across mountains and deserts for charity.

John Biggs, 27, from Brighton and Ollie Bage, 25 and Dave Booth, 26, from York, will drive 10,000 miles across the Europe and Asia in the Mongol Rally.

The trio will raise funds and awareness for St. John’s School and College, a special educational needs school, college and charity based in Brighton and Seaford.

The rules are simple for the challenge, with participants only allowed to use a car with a one litre engine or less.

Everyone involved must raise money for their preferred charity.

Mr Biggs, a St John’s employee, said: “It had always been a dream of ours to take on the rally and despite losing contact with one another as we moved to separate parts of Brighton we all eventually got back in touch and decided to make the dream a reality.

“It is going to be extremely tough and possibly dangerous in parts.

“To support such a worthy cause and make a difference to local people with learning disabilities will be so worth it.”

The Mongol Rally is designed to be a true adventure and is one of eight extreme travel charity challenges on offer by events organiser The Adventurists.

Those taking part will have no backup, no support and no set route to follow so will have to rely solely on themselves, their companions and a rally style car that must be bought from a scrap yard.

The friends went to a scrap yard to buy a bright red Vauxhall Agila, that they have nicknamed the Ulaan Baatar Party Car.

Their chosen path takes them through 17 different countries starting in London and ending in Ulaan Baatar, the capital of Mongolia.

During the challenge, leaving on Sunday, July 16, the route will feature a variety of tough terrains, environments and extreme weather conditions most notably in Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Mongolia.

They are aiming to acquire Visas and letters of invitation from countries that are notoriously difficult to enter and are set to raise a minimum of £300 for St John’s.

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