A SPACE age silver caravan - loaded full of tequila - will be landing for one weekend only.

The pop up tequila bar - housed inside a shiny airstream caravan - will be arriving in New Road, Brighton tomorrow.

One of Brighton’s best cocktail masters will be whipping up batches of exclusive tipples in the temporary bar brought to the city by tequila brand Patrón.

Jake Goldstein, general manager of the Plotting Parlour in Steine Street, has devised a special cocktail with a nod to the seaside.

His Patrón Green Matcha mixes tequila weith green tea and sherbet and is garnished with a salty pretzel.

Jake said: “Ethical, green and individual. These are terms that both Patrón Tequila and Brighton embody as a shared and mutual understanding.

“Every bottle is made by hand from start to finish in an artisan way.

“From hand harvesting the agave, chopping the agave by hand, through to tahona crushing, hand bottling and individually numbering each bottle you guessed it by hand. This way of working is something that Brighton has quite a reputation for and an attitude that we truly embody as a city.

“I want to represent that shared attitude in this drink between the craftsmanship of Patrón and the green and forward thinking nature of our sovereign seaside paradise.

“There is, however another side to Brighton and in fact another side to Patrón.

“It’s not all seriousness and sustainability, we are also a city of fun loving and free individuals. Patrón and Brighton are both willing to go against the grain, let loose and have some fun. I want this drink to carry a serious message, but also be a drink that is fun to drink and share with friends this summer”.

Other tasty tipples at the event will include a tequila-interpretation of the classic gin and tonic), a classic Patrón Margarita and the refreshingly fruity Patrón Paloma, made with grapefruit soda.

The airstream will be in New Road from midday until 5pm today on the first stop of its tour of the UK and America this summer.

The traditional Mexican spirit is typically made from distilled blue agave plant in the Tequila region north-west of Guadalajara.

Patrón is one of the most respected brands in the world made from hand harvested agave in individually numbered bottles.